Features of Mikrotik Router:

In Course of time, corporate network has become complex due to the increasing dependency on network for various solutions. These solutions make business and Communication easier, professional and cost effective. On the other hand, without right solutions network become more complex to maintain. Mikrotik has introduced total network based solutions in a single unit. i. e. Mikrotik Router OS, which is dependable, easy to maintain by network administrator.


  • Bandwidth Controller:
  1. Bandwidth can be controlled perfectly on single IP or on total subnet with burst limit, day & time options, night package.
  2. It also works as NAT server for private IP.
  3. IP may restrict against MAC address,
  4. Service wise (like mailing, browsing) bandwidth control.
  5. DHCP server may configure,
  6. MRTG can generate on each IP.
  7. Running Speed (live) on each IP can show including total data uploaded / downloaded.
  8. Cache DNS and transparent proxy can be configured.
  9. Easy remote administration from windows PC without previous experience
  • Web Proxy
  • Virus Port Block
  • eBGP & iBGP:

iii)                For dynamic routing

ii) For auto redundancy with load balance.

  • Link redundancies between 2 or more links:
  • Load balance between two uplink of different ISP:
  • Authentication & Billing Solution:

                                  i) Prepaid card & Pin generates.

ii) Post paid billing solution for broad band user.

iii) Hotspot Solutions.

  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Solution.
  • HTTP Filtering.
  • PPPoE:
  • Log Management:
  • Firewall:
  • Mangle
  • Live Port Monitoring
  • EOIP, Bonding, MPLS Tunnel
  • Backup and Maintenance:
  •  Layer 2, Layer 3
  • Link Up- Down Alarm
  • Self Security of VPN Router
  • Security of VPN Tunnel.
  • Security of Administration Password


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